Ancient Sudoku Deluxe

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  • Licencia: Shareware
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  • Sistema: w98 wNT wME w2000 wXP vista
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An ideal game for those who enjoy sudoku in all its glory.

Sudoku is the popular numerical passtime known around the world and which needs no introduction. However, the creators of Ancient Sudoku Deluxe have decided to go one step further, taking the classic concept of Sudoku to another dimension.

To start with, Ancient Sudoku Deluxe offers two gaming modes: normal and Master Challenge (which consists of solving ten boards of increasing difficulty consequtively). Also, it integrates a fantastic Sudoku editor so you can create your own challenges, or copy those you find in newspapers, magazines, etc. The editor itself checks to see if the Sudoku has been designed with a solution.

Finally, Ancient Sudoku Deluxe integrates another series of features that make it even more attractive: various difficulty levels, the possibility to receive help during games, do Sudokus that not only include numbers but also letters, nice sound effects, the chance to print out sudokus, etc.

NOTE: Ancient Sudoku Deluxe can't be downloaded free from the author's website, but it is still available from our server, via the private download option. Also, on our servers you will find other similar games.


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